Monday, September 9, 2013

Three Social Theories And Polygamy

Polygamy and Social TheoriesSocieties typic separately(prenominal)y set up clear boundaries for live up to behavior , in to maintain some degree of unity within the group . Although some behaviors that f all in all outside the modal(a) might pass without comment , some groups deviate importantly from the norm , forming sub-cultures . In some cases , sub-cultures that deviate significantly atomic number 18 looked upon with hesitancy . Polygamy is one behavior that deviates significantly from the accepted norms our inn looks upon groups that habituate polygamy such(prenominal) as the Fundamental present(prenominal) Saints (FLDS , with suspicion and often with distrustSeveral theories that discuss how individuals interact within link r distributively significance when used to examine polygamy . In this purchase order , we practice serial monogamy that is , an individual may have a bun in the oven much than one partner over a life , scarce is in a committed and exclusive kind with nevertheless one partner at a term (Class Notes . From the fountain of the Mormon Church , of which the FLDS is an offshoot , the polygamous record of its teachings has been conside tearing laudable of suspicion . To understand the reasoning tail this thinking , it is of the essence(p rosyicate) to examine polygamy from the viewpoints of symbolic interactionism , structural functionalism , and conflict possible action to have an idea of how the practice interacts on both large and micro levels of cultureSymbolic Interactionism and PolygamySymbolic interaction theory examines ordering at a micro level determining how individuals learn the nubs of things in their surroundings (Ballantine , 2006 . In the United States , children soon learn to identify the Stars and mark as being the national flag , th ey learn close apparitional symbols approp! riate to their family , and maybe eventide the logos of their favourite(a) games , restaurants , or television programs . Over time , they learn former(a)wise(a) symbols , such as words and monetary values and many other things . The symbols learned during this process summarize sh atomic number 18d meanings with others with whom we interact and bearing what is real and normal (Ballantine , 2006 ,. 86 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In the polygamous residential area , the child learns the symbols of what is normal in that subculture at a real early age . The family is composed of one scram and many mothers the representation of the faith , at least in footing of the Fundamental Latter-Day Saints , is that of a photograph of the prophet that hangs on the wall of the family home . The games restaurants , and programs that may have meaning to other children have in the FLDS community , in that televisions are command providing no context to the children in the community . Kathy quoted in brownness describes how the prophet Rulon Jeffs was kept changing the context of things even in his own community : some days wearing garments with stripes were bad , other days the color red became forbidden Looking and smiling at members of the opposite shake was wrong . Symbols such as colors , patterns , and expressions became stripped of all meaning that the greater society provided themStructural Functionalism and PolygamyAccording to Ballantine (2006 ) structural functionalists view society as being composed of interdependent parts , each fulfilling certain necessary functions...If you want to get a entire of the mark essay, order it on our website: Be!

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