Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Cost Effectiveness for Smoking Cessation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cost Effectiveness for Smoking Cessation - Essay Example So, it is enough to start with one cartridge and use it. Perhaps, you will not need the next one. The period of usage is different as every smoker applies different number of cigarettes. That is why it is impossible to plan the usage of electronic cigarettes for everybody. It should be noted that all my participants were from New York. There were both males and females to participate in my investigation. However, their age was different. In particular, the age of participants was 19-70. I think that this intervention should be made the following way. Every person should receive so many opportunities to smoke electronic cigarettes as he/she needs to have for traditional smoking. In two-three months it is necessary to check the results. I think that here it is better to use interviewing the participants to get to know if they started smoking less. Smoking cessation by means of electronic cigarettes has much in common with another method to give up this bad habit. It is nicotine gum. It is even possible to compare these two types of smoking cessation. In case of nicotine gum a person is asked to use a special gum instead of a traditional cigarette. According to the smoker’s point of view (he tried to give up smoking with the help of nicotine gum), he used the gum during eight months and became addicted to it. So, it is difficult to say if this method is better than keeping smoking traditional cigarettes. The amount of nicotine in them is less, but still it may lead to cancer and nicotine dependence. That is why I do not advise to use nicotine gums. It is better to apply electronic cigarettes. It should be stressed that the study is very important. First of all, it is societal. It helps to get more information about the effect of smoking cessation by means of electronic cigarettes. So, it helps people from our society to be informed about electronic cigarettes and their effectiveness. The cost of the research is not very high. No additional equipment was nee ded as people were just interviewed. All results were received with the help of interviewing and smokers’ feedbacks. It turned out that several people managed to give up smoking by means of electronic cigarettes. There were practically no direct and indirect costs in the process of research. A little amount of money was spent by me on tickets to travel to people for interviewing. There may be two possible answers to the question as for the time horizon needed for this research. On the one hand, it is not necessary to conduct a long-time research if you need just to get information about smokers’ feedback after usage electronic cigarettes. On the other hand, it also can be a lifetime research, if you want to get as much information about electronic cigarettes as possible. Everything changes very quickly nowadays. It concerns various methods created for smoking cessation as well. The structure and function of electronic cigarettes may be changed in future. That is why it is a good idea to conduct a lifetime research and analyze the peculiarities of new trends in this field. It is necessary to emphasize that only in this case the research will be effective and demonstrate if it is worth to apply electronic cigarettes to give up smoking forever. The data for research can be found with the help of the following ways. Internet sources TV translations Newspaper articles Interviews with smokers Interviews with people who use electronic cigare

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